Solute Dispersion in GroundwaterDate: December 02, 2020

Solute Dispersion in GroundwaterDate: December 02, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Peter Kitanidis


At least 98% of the earth’s groundwater is fresh water—in other words, water that is not seawater or ice. Groundwater is a valuable but fragile resource that is constantly threatened with contamination. However, predicting contaminant concentration values in the subsurface remains a great challenge. We will discuss some of the difficulties and, in particular, the role of dispersion.

Dispersion—the spreading of solutes—is a pronounced and important solute-transport phenomenon. The textbook methodology for modeling and predicting dispersion has been criticized, which has lead to debates as to what is the right approach. This presentation will review the real and imagined strengths and limitations of some methods for modeling and predicting the dispersion of solutes in groundwater.