Education / Certification

In parallel with WRRCs efforts to employ the latest research methodologies to address critical water resource management issues, the Center is developing education programs, formal and informal, to build capacity in the next generation of scientists, academics and policy makers. 

In terms of formal education, WRRC promotes cooperation among academic disciplines concerned with water issues and facilitates the transfer of research results to policy bodies and operational agencies. WRRC also promotes advanced education in water-related disciplines through the involvement of students and early career faculty in research projects. Many WRRC alumni have gone on to become leaders in the agencies that manage water resources in the State and beyond.  

In terms of certifications and informal educational opportunities, WRRC provides operator certification classes for those looking to work in the field. The Center is also consistently leveraging its wider research and academic network to provide unique experiences for the students, interns and graduate fellows that are constantly moving through WRRC projects.