February 2016 (pdf format)

  • Dec. 2015 Water Resource Sustainability on Tropical Islands conference report
  • Recent WRRC Faculty Visit to American Samoa
  • Statewide Wastewater Operator Training Center
  • 2015 L. Stephen Lau Scholarship Awardees
  • Sabbatical Report
  • Graduate Research Assistant Employment Opportunity
  • Water Resources Research Institute Program 2016 Projects

July 2013 (pdf format)

  • Source Water Assessment Program in Hawaii
  • Water Resources Research Institute Program 2012 Hawaii Projects
  • WRRC Researchers Win UCOWR Award, NSF CAREER grant
  • Update on IRES project alumni
  • Wrap-up of WRRC March Conference
  • WRRC's Advisory Council
  • Fall 2013 WRRC Seminars
  • 2013 L. Stephen Lau Scholarship Awarded
  • Currently Active WRRC Research Projects

January 2012 (pdf format)

  • WRRC Researchers Receive $500K Grant to Study Uptake of Chemicals by Vegetable Crops

October 2011 (pdf format)

  • Long-term aspects of high-elevation rainfall and climate change on Oahu

September 2011 (pdf format)

  • Research project examining the concentration and public health significance of four species of pathogenic vibrio bacteria in Hawaiian coastal waters

August 2011 (pdf format)

  • WRRC conducts research for Hawaii Department of Transportation MS4 permit

August 2011 (pdf format)

  • WRRC welcomes new faculty microbiologist Dr. Marek Kirs

May 2010 (pdf format)

  • Update on Hilo Landfill Treatment Study
  • Beyond Sustainable Yield: Managing Water Scarcity for Abundance
  • WRRC Personnel News
  • 2010 L. Stephen Lau Water Research Endowed Schoarship Awarded
  • WRRC publications available online as PDF files

July 2009 (pdf format)

  • Assessing Concentrations and Potential Public Health Significance of Four Human Pathogenic Marine Vibrio spp. in Hawaiian Coastal Water Environments
  • WRRC Researcher Clark Liu Named 2009 Engineer of Distinction by the University of Mississippi*
  • Former Outfall Project Researcher Awarded PhD
  • 2009 L. Stephen Lau Scholarship Awarded to Krishna Lamichhane
  • A Decision Support Tool for Managing the Pipe Network of the Honolulu Board of Water Supply
  • Project Report: Coastal Groundwater Management in the Presence of Positive Stock Externalities

February 2009 (pdf format)

  • Using LiDAR Measurements of Canopy Structure to Estimate Rainfall Interception
  • Hilo Landfill Leachate Treatability Study
  • USGS Scientist Visits WRRC

December 2008 (pdf format)

  • Wrap-up of the Oct. 30-31, 2008 WRRC Conference
  • Memoriam for Dr. Paul Ekern, early WRRC researcher

July 2008 (pdf format)

  • Determination of the Relationship between Biodiversity and Trophic Status of Wahiawa Reservoir
  • Dr. Aly El-Kadi promoted to full professor
  • UK scientists visit WRRC
  • Moloka'i's ongoing water problems
  • Sunscreen killing coral reefs in oceans around the world
  • Modeling of Humidification-Dehumidification Seawater Desalination Systems Driven by Solar Energy
  • 2008 L. Stephen Lau Water Research Endowed Scholarship awarded

February 2008 (pdf format)

  • Honolulu Airport Fish Pond Water Quality
  • EPA Rescinding Wastewater Waivers - Costs to Exceed $1 Billion
  • TMDL Workshop Held in Honolulu
  • New Research Project - Assessing Effects of Intraborehole Flow in Deep Monitoring Wells on Estimates of Aquifer Salinity Profiles
  • Hawaii Water News
  • Center Students' Posters Win Awards at HWEA Conference
  • WRRC Personnel News

August 2007 (pdf format)

  • Explosive Chemicals Bio/Phyto Remediation Project
  • History of Military Use of Makua Valley
  • Energetic Compounds: Fate and Transport, Health Issues
  • WRRC Awards 4 Grants in 2007 Competition
  • Ocean Outfall Biomonitoring Update
  • Estimating Hydraulic Properties for Volcanic Aquifers Using Wave Setup
  • Evaluation of Hydrogen Production Mechanisms and Microflora in Landfill Microcosms
  • Resistant Bacteria Shows Up in Hawaii
  • Pharmaceuticals In Our Water Supplies
  • Workshop Announcement - Modeling of Water Flow and Solute Transport in the Vadose Zone

October 2006 (pdf format)

  • WRRC Researcher Looks at March 2006 Ala Wai Canal Sewage Spill
  • Director's Message - Dr. James Moncur
  • Modeling Streamflows and Flood Delineation of the 2004 Flood Disaster, Manoa, Oahu, Hawaii
  • Water Center Researcher Awarded USDA Grant to Study Cryptosporidium in Tropical Environment
  • Windmill Desalination Project Wrapping Up
  • Vibrio-Sunlight Research at WRRC
  • Water Center Researcher Participates in Jeju Island, Korea Forum
  • WRRC's Technical Advisory Committee

October 2005 (pdf format)

  • First L. Stephen Lau Water Research Scholarship Awarded
  • Reducing Oil and Grease Entering Hawaii's WWTPs
  • Director's Message - Dr. James Moncur
  • Wind-Powered Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination for Pacific Islands and Remote Coastal Communities
  • Innovation in Automotive Pollution Reduction Tested
  • WRRC Graduate Student Awarded Scholarship to Colorado State University
  • Evaluating the Transport of a Set of Pesticides in Different Tropical Soils of Hawaii
  • WRRC's Fall 2005 Seminar Series Focuses on the October 2004 Flooding in Manoa Valley

March 2005 (pdf format)

  • L. Stephen Lau Scholarship Fund Established
  • Modeling for Sustainable Yield in Pearl Harbor Aquifer
  • Integrated Water Management Policies for Oahu
  • WRRC Spring 2005 Seminars
  • WRRC Researcher A. Kim Wins NSF Grant
  • Large Capacity Cesspools Must go by April 15
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Hawaii WRIP Grant Recipients for 2005
  • AWRA Hawaii Summer Specialty Conference Announcement

May 2004 (pdf format)

  • New Environmental Microbiology Lab Launched at WRRC
  • Source Water Assessment Project Wrapping Up
  • Neighbor Island Drinking Water Quality Assessment
  • Oahu Aquifers Generally OK, but Urban Streams Are Substantially Degraded, USGS Report Shows
  • Upcoming Conferences and Meetings...
  • WRRC Participates in Ocean Radar Project
  • Shanghai Environmental Delegation Visits Honolulu
  • Statewide Watershed Project: Background Data for Watershed Restoration Plans
  • WRRC Faculty Helps State Science Fair Participant

July 2003 (pdf format)

  • Over 200 Attend the WRRC Tropical Pacific Water Conference
  • Resources for Water Research
  • Water Issues Facing Oahu: A perspective of a WRRC Conference Attendee
  • Conference Draws High-Level Participation from Pacific Islands
  • Aloha Dr. Doak Cox
  • Hawaii Water Environment Association's 25th Annual Conference
  • 2003 Conferences

December 2003 (pdf format)

  • WRRC Welcomes Kaeo Duarte to Research Team
  • Chinese Delegation Visits WRRC
  • Ray Receives Fullbright Award to Study Riverbank Filtration in Southeast Asia
  • Membrane Bioreactor Pilot Study - Roger Babcock
  • Peter Vitousek Visits WRRC
  • Water Purification Membrane Performance Study
  • Current Research Projects
  • Resistant Bacteria Shows Up in Hawaii
  • Pharmaceuticals In Our Water Supplies
  • Workshop Announcement - Modeling of Water Flow and Solute Transport in the Vadose Zone

April 2002 (pdf format)

  • WRRC Tackles Hawaii's Source Water Assessment Program Work
  • Upcoming WRRC Conference
  • WRRC Participates in HWEA Conference
  • 2002 Fall Seminars

May 2001

  • WRRC Hosts EPA Expert Workshop on Water Quality
  • WRRC Says Farewell to Some Friends
  • Drinking Water Epidemiology Workshop
  • Watershed Assessment Project on Kauai
  • WRRC Poster Presentations at HWEA Conference
  • Local High School Students Achieve Recognition With Help of WRRC Faculty

December 2000

  • Researcher Profile - Dr. Clark Liu
  • Linear Systems Theory of Water Quality Modeling
  • Artificial Upwelling and Mixing (AUMIX)
  • Wind-Powered Reverse Osmosis

August 2000

  • Profile of Dr. Ray
  • Effects of Polymer Soil Treatment on Subsurface Virus and Bacteria Transport
  • Bank Filtration for Water Treatment
  • UH Researchers Make Presentations at Recent HWEA Meeting
  • Dr. Roger Fujioka Invited Presenter at Japanese Research Symposium
  • Retiring Staff Members

May 1999

  • Schofield Barracks Effluent Reuse Study
  • Researcher Profile - Dr. Roger Babcock
  • Perfomance Evaluation for a Residential Wastewater Treatment System
  • WRRC Graduate Researchers Participate in Recent HWEA Conference
  • Hiroshi Yamauchi Retires From UH
  • WRRIP Is Underfunded But Back On Track
  • International Workshop on Environmental Information Exchange

Bulletins from before 2000 on file at WRRC