Recruitment Specialist

Recruitment Specialist

Recruitment Specialist (POSITION CLOSED)

Company: WAI, Wastewater Alternatives & Innovations

Apply by: January 31 2023

Start Date: Early February 2023

Position Type: Full-time, 2 year fixed term

Reports to: Operations manager

Location: Hybrid Remote

Salary Range: $50,000 to $55,000

About WAI
WAI: Wastewater Alternatives & Innovations is a Hawaii-based non-profit organization
established in 2019. We share our name with the Hawaiian word for water. Our mission at WAI
is to help restore healthy watersheds, clean water and resilient reefs by reducing the amount of
sewage pollution originating from cesspools and failing septic systems. Statewide, 83,000
cesspools leach over 52 million gallons of untreated wastewater into the ground every day.
Much of this leachate reaches groundwater and the ocean, impacting drinking water, public
health, and coral reefs. WAI’s vision for clean water motivates our team to help communities
across Hawaii convert cesspools to innovative new systems that are more affordable, efficient
and better for the environment. WAI works to identify and address bottlenecks in cesspool
conversion, such as the need for additional qualified workers in the wastewater field, financial
assistance for the costs of conversion, and the implementation of innovative wastewater
systems from single-family homes to the community scale.

Job Details
This position will be responsible for the recruitment and marketing aspects of WAI’s Workforce 4
Water (W4W) program.

This is a full-time, two-year position with an annual salary of $50,000-$55,000 and potential for
continuation of employment depending on performance and funding. This role includes paid
benefits, including vacation days (10), federal holidays (11), paid sick leave (5) and
reimbursement for health insurance premiums, as well as access to a retirement saving plan.
Work for the majority of this position will be remote, but the selected applicant should relocate to
Hawaii by the start of the position if they are not already Hawaii-based for local meetings and
inter-island travel.

Position description can be found here.