Congratulations to WRRC Undergraduate Tara Sutton!May 2023

Congratulations to WRRC Undergraduate Tara Sutton!May 2023


Tara Sutton photo Undergrad

She waited decades to go to college, but in May 2023, Tara H. Sutton graduated with a 3.9 GPA in Communicology, Anthropology, and Ethnic Studies. She has acquired acquired a long list of accomplishments, which included being chosen as the recipient of the College of Social Sciences’ 2023 Outstanding Graduating Senior (OGS). This prestigious annual award is presented to the student who epitomizes the core values of scholarship, leadership, and service; all of which Tara has excelled in throughout her educational career.

Reflecting on her educational journey, Tara said “Having to wait to go to college was a bummer, but the silver lining is two of my kids are college students, too.” “This has been so exciting, especially for me. I waited a long time for ‘my turn’ to go to college.”

Tara will continue her educational aspirations and begin her pursuit of a master’s degree, and eventually a PhD degree at UH Mānoa in Geography and Environment, and will continue to work with WRRC faculty, Dr. Leah Bremer and Dr. Aurora Kagawa-Viviani on the social outcomes of the Red Hill water contamination.

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