Book Release by Dr. Clark C.K. Liu — Water Environment ModelingMay 2022

Book Release by Dr. Clark C.K. Liu — Water Environment ModelingMay 2022

Book cover Water Environment Modeling

Clark C.K. Liu (Emeritus Professor of the University of Hawai’i WRRC), and his co-authors Drs. Pengzhi Lin and Hong Xiao have published a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of civil and environmental engineering and related academic fields. This book will also be an excellent reference for engineers and scientists.

Water Environment Modeling provides fundamental theories and case studies to illustrate the formulations and applications of mathematical models that simulate water flow and chemical transport in rivers, lakes, groundwater, estuaries, coasts, and ocean waters. This book emphasizes the importance of both simple analytical models and comprehensive numerical models. In general, simple models are used for preliminary assessment of a specific water environment, while comprehensive models are used to provide simulations with more detailed spatial and temporal variations of the fate and transport of pollutants in water environments.


Liu book authors and Sichauan University graduate students

A happy academic family — Pengzhi Lin was a MS student at the University of Hawai’i (1994–1995) under the supervision of Clark Liu. The three graduate students at Sichuan University are currently under the supervision by Pengzhi Lin.





ISBN 9780367442439 – Copyright Year 2022
Published by CRC Press – Taylor & Francis Group
334 pages, 147 b/w Illustrations

Water Environment Modeling can be obtained from CRC Press – Taylor and Francis Group, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and all major bookstores.