WRRC serves the state of Hawaii and American Samoa by conducting research to identify, characterize, and quantify water-related problems, and to ultimately identify effective solutions. Using its expertise more broadly, WRRC also supports other Pacific island nations and Asian governments facing similar water problems by providing access to the necessary interdisciplinary expertise within the University of Hawaii system. 

WRRCs core work is carried out across three main areas to ensure that the Center is not only asking the right questions but providing the answers in ways that create positive, effective change and are understandible by a broad spectrum of audiences and stakeholders. These three areas are: 

Developing, implementing and managing complex water quality projects for the public’s benefit.
Building capacity in the next generation of scientists, academics and policy makers.
Increasing public awareness about water quality issues and the importance of WRRCs research across the Pacific

As successful, long-term water quality management must account for the diverse and changing needs of communities, as well as address external factors such as climate change and adaptation, WRRC intentionally builds teams with diverse knowledge and skillsets. WRRCs also seeks to understand and impact water quality issues at the local, regional, and national levels as this is the only way to comprehensively increase our collective capacity to address growing water-related challenges.