Asia Pacific Information Exchange (APIX) Water Purification Systems for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response

National Institute for Water Resources, Water Resources Research Institute Program

03/01/2010 – 09/30/2012

The Asia Pacific Information Exchange (APIX) program is intended to benefit both the U.S. and partner nations. APIX serves as a platform for information exchange and collaboration. APIX supports U.S. Pacific Command’s (USPACOM) overall strategies and goals in the area of responsibility (AOR), supports future efforts to conduct joint research and development by enabling scientist-to-scientist and engineer-to-engineer interactions. Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Response (HADR) project venues such as Crimson Viper 2010 (CV10), Crimson Viper 2011 (CV11), and Balikatan 2012 allowed regional militaries and governments to assess and validate new technologies and provided a limitless forum for discussion, collaboration, and information exchange.

The APIX water purification project was designed to demonstrate cost effective water purification technologies in support of Foreign Humanitarian Assistance (FHA) operations. The water purification project focused on two FHA missions: Humanitarian Assistance (HA) and Disaster Relief (DR). The APIX water purification project was used to provide subject matter expert information exchange (SMEIE) between the U.S. and Thailand’s Defense Science and Technology Department (DSTD) regarding military utility assessment planning, execution, and reporting.


Dr. Chittaranjan Ray
Technical Co-PI

Dr. Vassilis Syrmos
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education
Administrative PI