Posters Presented at the Second Conference on Water Resource Sustainability Issues on Tropical Islands

*These presentations are posted with author's consent. Please directly contact respective authors or others not listed if you are interested in more information.*

Jason Knoche, Joe Mcclure, and Dan Clegg. Reducing Irrigation Overuse Through Research into Precision Irrigation.

Erin Allmann, Zi Wang, Si Sun, Marek Kirs, Mayee Wong, and Yuanan Lu. Monitoring of Hawaii's Beaches Water Quality Using Enteric Viruses as Alternative Indicators.

William H. McDowell. Spatial and Temporal Variability in Urban Water Quality on a Tropical Island.

Dayananda Vithanage. Impacts from Current Wastewater Management on Water Resources of Small Islands.

P. Moravcik, K. Fernandes, B.J. Card, T.-C. Lee and C.C.K. Liu.Survey and Modeling Analysis of HDOT MS4 Highway Storm Runoff on Oahu, Hawaii.